We believe great stories can change the world.

And this year the Hollywood Film Festival (HFF) will again showcase some of our generation’s best independent filmmakers, cultural content creators, and social impact storytellers from the very heart of Hollywood, the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

We also believe that social impact film tells the critical stories of many of our world’s most important, but often unrecognized, change-makers, social innovators and cultural educators. That is why we acquired the Hollywood Film Festival in 2014 and re-imagined last year’s HFF as a platform to better tell their stories, promote their films, and grow their careers by connecting independent filmmakers to leaders in the entertainment industry. Because of the overwhelming and somewhat unexpected public and media success of last year’s festival we have worked quietly but diligently through the first half of 2016 to leverage the considerable industry resources of Hollywood as a storytelling force for good, expanding what last year’s exceptional annual industry event into a fully fledge global entertainment brand.

Given the strength of the Hollywood brand, CineCause has also transitioned our entire organization’s efforts under the HFF name while keeping our original “See Good, Do Good, Feel Good” motto as we significantly expand our core mission of “Promoting phenomenal films about causes that count inspiring audiences to act.”

Our Executive Director, Rod Beaudoin, and his team have worked with members of our global Cinema Champions community, and volunteers from 14 film schools across the United States, to program an amazing set of films.

As a final note, this growth of the brand and expansion of the HFF’s mission was possible only thanks to the tremendous sacrifice and deep commitment of our truly inspiring HFF Team and the much appreciated outpouring of support from our global community of distribution, finance and media partners. So please come meet everyone this Fall as we celebrate a bright future of independent film at the 20th Anniversary of the Hollywood Film Festival.

Brad Parks | Hollywood Film Festival CEOSincerely,

Brad Parks CEO

For You, Our Attending Filmmakers

Industry Connections

With film presentations taking place in the heart of Hollywood, HFF presents a valuable screening platform for independent filmmakers while providing them access to the studios and industry at large.

The 2016 event continues its leadership through this successful program by bringing industry professionals together with participating filmmakers. Valuable connections will be made.

As these sessions explore the evolving landscape of the industry, from development and production to marketing and distribution you will come away with a renewed vision for what is taking place right now and where we are headed.

Hospitality Program

Visiting filmmakers will be treated with world class hospitality.

From the time they land in Los Angles, to their hotel accommodations; from the Opening Night Gala to the Closing Night Gala filmmakers will get a taste of tinseltown history.

The Closing Night Gala along with all that HFF provides offers filmmakers the opportunity to experience both the “Old” and the “New” Hollywood.

Prize Packages

We understand filmmakers, especially social impact storytellers, don’t make movies to gain accolades.

None the less, here at HFF we advocate for the independent filmmaker and we know there is value in being recognized for your work. We would like to do that.

The Festival will present a number of Prizes. These prizes will to be presented to winning filmmakers include exceptional distribution opportunity prize packages.

Stage Setting

HFF continues it’s tradition of recognizing and promoting those exceptional charitable causes, cultural awareness campaigns, and social movements that inspire our filmmaker’s work.

We have expanded this seasons Q&A’s, interactive audience resources, and engaging hospitality events, all designed to connect you, our guest to the vast resources of Hollywood.

About Us, The Hollywood Film Festival

Mission & Objective

The Hollywood Film Festival showcases the work of today’s best emerging independent filmmakers, content creators and artistic storytellers.

By presenting regional and international films combined with a unique combination of other media formats such as television, streaming Web content and music, HFF gives independent artists not just a seat at the “entertainment industry table” in Hollywood, but a unique table all their own.

As a global platform to HFF promotes participating filmmakers art, an opportunity to network with industry leaders, and engage with other master storytellers , technology innovators, investors, educators, and a very well educated and eager film audience. All this located right in the very heart of the movie making capital of the world.

Social Impact Storytelling

With “Social Impact Storytelling” at our core, this year’s HFF is proud to showcase a slate of screenings that represent the very best of today’s best independent filmmaking.

We will have including World Premieres, U.S, Premieres and LA/West Coast Premieres. We will also continue “TV Thursday” and “Streaming Saturday” in recognition of the evolving preferences of today’s content consumers.

Film Presentations

The state of the art ArcLight Theater in Hollywood plays hosts the Festival, presenting a number of documentaries and narratives, shorts and features, to enthusiastic audiences and film professionals.

While social impact films will anchor the festival there will be a diverse representation of innovative technologies, educational opportunities with master filmmakers, topical presentation panels, and the live recording of the HFF’s very own.

These “Curated Conversations” series present hand-picked experts from divers fields who will lead discussions on this year’s theme of HFF: “What is the Future of Hollywood?”

Our History

We are very proud that many of our finalists and winners have secured agents and distribution deals (HBO, Miramax, IFC, Indican, 7th Art Releasing, and Starz Entertainment among other distributors) due to their exposure during our Hollywood Film Festival.

Craig Brewer — “Poor and Hungry”
HFF winner, CRAIG BREWER, sold his movie “Hustle and Flow” to Paramount Studios for $9 million. Craig was discovered at the 2000 Hollywood Film Festival when the Festival hosted the world premiere of his first film.

Robert DeFranko — “Telling You”
HFF winner, director Robert DeFranco, sold his film “Telling You” to Miramax.

Zoe Clark-Williams
HFF winner Zoe Clarke-Williams got a directing job for an MGM film after we honored her.

Janine Hoskins – “My Khmer Heart”
HFF winning documentarian Janine Hoskins sold her documentary to HBO.

“For up-and-coming filmmakers looking for a break the festival is the ultimate networking opportunity.”
~ Daily Variety


Volunteers are fundamental to the success of the Hollywood Film Festival.

Our volunteers share a commitment to independent film and to social impact filmmaking championed by the Hollywood Film Festival. The festival wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our dedicated volunteers throughout the year. During the festival’s off-season volunteers maintain the momentum of the festival assisting in film previewing, film screenings, specialty event parties, etc.