Karen Strassman

The Red Thunder
Co-starring Karen Strassman

Robert & Julia

Across Time I Cry
Director Robertino Fonseca, Co-producer Julia Clancey

Candice Carella

Directed by Candice Carella

Zachary Marion

Family Unit
Directed by Zachary Marion

Sebastien Pins

A Passion of Gold and Fire
Directed by Sebastien Pins

Jennifer, David, Paul & Marlo

Co-staring Jennifer, David, Paul & Marlo

Thomas Wirthensohn

Homme Less
Produced & Directed by Thomas Wirthensohn

Inside Peace

Inside Peace
Directed by Cynthia Fitzpatrick

Theresa, Anna & Jessica

Right Footed
Co-staring Theresa, Anna & Jessica

Laura Zeman

The Search For Freedom
Associate Producer: Laura Zeman

Bruno Henry

Co-staring Bruno Henry

Hemal Trivedi

Among The Believers
Co-Directed by Hemal Trivedi

Magda & Jason

Directed by Jason Rem

Phil Allocco

The Truth About Lies
Directed by Phil Allocco

Nerea, Dan & Scott

Staring Nerea Duhart, Dan O’Brien & Scotty Crowe

Veronica Mannion

Booze Boys and Brownies
Directed by Veronica Mannion

Danny Thykaer

Directed by Danny Thykaer

Leah Yananton

Surviving Me
Written & Directed by Leah Yananton

Bradford Johnson

Waffle Street
Co-Produced by Bradford Johnson

Alexander Peter Lercher

Forward Side Close
Directed by Alexander Peter Lercher